King Size Mattress IKEA: The World’s Best Price

Looking for a mattress upgrade? Why spend a couple of hundred bucks when you can spend a couple thousand?

Introducing the King Size Mattress from IKEA. This magnificent sleep aid is comfort engineered with thousands of individual pocket springs covered in a cotton-filled ticking.

IKEA Bed Sizes

  • Super King: – 76.2″ x 80.7″ (193cm x 206cm)
  • King: 76″ x 80″ (193cm x 203cm)
  • Double: 60″ x 75″ (152cm x 190cm)
  • Super Single: 45″ X 90″(114cm x 229cm)
  • Single: 30″ x 75″ (76cm x 191cm)
  • Futon: 3’6″”(102 cm) wide and 7’10″”(239 cm) long.

IKEA King Size Bed vs. Normal

The difference between an IKEA King Size mattress and a regular, non-Ikea king-size bed is that the pocket spring is a medium-firm mattress, and it’s still not recommended you jump on it, though.

Buying an IKEA bed frame

If you’re planning on getting this monolithic mattress, it might be a good idea to get the bed frame. IKEA does make them for about $80-$90, and they do come in different colors, most notably black and white.

The only problem is that these beds CANNOT fit an 8 inch (20cm) mattress underneath. If you want both, buy them at separate times; if not, buy the frame first and get the mattress later when you can measure your current bed frame to see if it will suitably fit under there.

One thing to note: like most things from IKEA that come in pieces, then you need to build it yourself (don’t worry though; it’s very easy). The bed base is NOT included in the king-size mattress deal.

Mattress Types

There are different mattress types available in IKEA:

Memory Foam mattress

This is the ideal mattress for those who like to snuggle up in bed with a good book. Just be sure not to set your glasses down on one of its indentations, or you’ll be out another $50.

Pocket sprung mattress

This is a more traditional style of mattress found in homes. It’s the easiest to find a new pocket spring for, so if one goes flat, then you can justice it yourself.

Latex mattress

A popular choice among those who don’t mind being slightly uncomfortable for a good night’s sleep.

Innerspring mattress

Also known as “coil mattresses,” these are what most people think of when they hear the king-sized bed.

Hybrid mattress

This combination of innerspring and pocket spring is best for those who don’t know what they want.

Is IKEA mattress good?

Depends who you ask. Most people that want to be comfortable saying yes, but those with back problems generally disagree.

Regardless of what most people think, most IKEA mattresses are reviewed as sub-par but overpriced products. Whether or not the price is worth it depends on your budget and how much value you put in a good night’s sleep.

How long does it last?

As a rule of thumb, most IKEA mattresses last under ten years, and some last as little as 2-5 years, and some have been known to go on for over 20. The expected lifespan varies from style to style, so be sure to ask a sales assistant if you’re unsure.

Do regular sheets fit it?

Attractive bed linen typically costs a fortune, which is why most people do whatever is lying around. This can cause problems if your current sheets are more significant than the mattress they’re covering because the mattress is designed to fit inside of its cover snugly. Not many people have this problem, though, so you probably won’t need sheets made for an IKEA mattress.

Does IKEA mattress fit standard bed frames?

IKEA beds are designed to fit under IKEA bed frames, wooden or metal frames that bolts together. If your bed is not this, it probably doesn’t have the slots in the corners for those little corner pieces found on most mattresses.

How do I know what size of IKEA mattress to get?

There should be a label somewhere on the mattress which shows either a square or a set of numbers next to each other, indicating width and length, respectively.

Most single-size mattresses are 80cm x 200cm while double/queen/king UK sizes are 150cm x 200 cm (roughly 5ft by 7ft).

In addition, if you have no clue how big your old mattress was, then measurements can always be taken from those.

Delivery& Assembling

All mattresses are flat-packed for easy transportation. Due to being shipped by the sea, most of them have a specific weight limit, so if you’re thinking of getting the king-size bed with memory foam, then it’s probably not going to make it home. Visit the online store for delivery info: enter postcode, see hours, and more select store search rooms products at

The old mattress is usually removed first, which means you only need to remove your cover and do any rolling around necessary before replacing it with your new one.

Most IKEAs are built to fit together easily without tools, though some require a drill or screwdriver because metal parts are involved. Unless you want to be lugging heavy boxes through the house, then an Allen key will come in useful at least once during assembly.


Whether or not an IKEA mattress is for you depends on how much you’re willing to pay for the name. For most people, it’s just wise to save up a little more money and buy something that lasts longer.

If your budget is tight, though, then there are some decent places to start looking, depending on what exactly you’re after.

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