Emperor Bed Size: Twin or Full?

An emperor bed is the largest mattress size that you can get in the UK. If you are looking for a newer mattress, there are various types of king-sized mattresses, and these are available in either soft or firm varieties.

The size, however, depends on how much room you have at home. Generally speaking, two people can comfortably be sleeping on an emperor bed, and it’s also possible to squeeze another person onto an emperor bed if necessary. This all rather depends on your relationship with one another, though!

UK Sizes

  • Single 90cm x 190cm: For one person, and often for children
  • Small Double 135cm x 190cm: For 1 or 2 people sharing
  • Kingsize/Empire Size 150cm x 200cm: A good size for couples or if you prefer more sleeping room at night. Also suitable for sleepovers with the kids (if they’re lucky!)
  • Super Kingsize/Californian King Size 180 cm x 200 cm: Very generous proportions for a couple to share – for those who like it luxurious.
  • Queen Size 150cm x 200cm: The most popular size in the UK is for couples and singles.

How big is an Emperor bed in the UK?

An emperor bed is the biggest size available in the UK. It’s also possible to squeeze another person onto an emperor-sized bed if necessary, but this all rather depends on your relationship with one another!

It is a good idea to measure up before shopping for a new bed, as they can vary from one style to another and from one retailer to another.

A standard double will measure 135cm by 190cm, whereas a super king bed measures 150cm x 200cm. The Emperor is the largest size, which measures a massive 160 x 200 inches or 406 cm by 508 cm.

How many people can fit on an emperor-sized bed?

An emperor-sized bed is a popular choice for couples or those who prefer extra sleeping space at night. It’s also possible to squeeze another person onto an emperor bed if necessary. This all rather depends on your relationship with one another, though!

What’s the biggest bed that I can buy?

The largest beds that you can get in the UK is an emperor size. This measures 160 x 200 inches or 406 cm by 508 cm.

What is a king-size bed?

King-sized beds are approximately 4ft wide and such as the super kingsize. The smallest double bed measures 120cm by 190cm but if your bedroom isn’t very big, it may be better to go for a smaller bed so that you don’t lose out on area elsewhere around your room.

For families and children, we would advise going for a more compact double (135cm x 190cm) which takes up less area than the larger bed sizes and still provides plenty of sleeping area for two people.

A king-size bed is the second-largest standard bed size available in the UK

What is the largest bed in the world?

The largest bed in the world is a Canadian king measuring 180 inches long and 120 inches wide.

What’s the difference between an emperor mattress and super king size?

An emperor-size bed is slightly larger than a super king, with its dimensions being 160cm x 200cm. The main differences are that it has deeper sides to give more space for pillows at either end, and it also sits higher off of the floor so you feel less restricted when getting into or out of bed.

Why might you want an emperor-size bed?

Emperor-size beds are a good choice if you and your partner like to spread out when sleeping. Or, it can be used in a single-person bedroom for added area and comfort at night.

It’s also possible to squeeze another person onto an emperor bed if necessary, but this all depends on your relationship with that other person.

Emperor-sized bed accessories

  1. Pillows – You can use your normal pillows with king-size beds but if you want something extra special, why not go for those which are specially designed for the deep side edges of emperor beds
  2. Protector – As with all beds, this is one accessory that should be considered as it will provide protection from stains
  3. Under Bed Storage – Many people make use of under bed storage these days and an emperor bed frame makes even more room for boxes and bags underneath
  4. Bed Frames – If you’re not going to buy a new bed then adding new wooden bed frames will transform any old mattress into a luxurious king-size!
  5. Bedding – It’s important that your duvet cover and sheet size fits your bed well. A king-size fitted sheet will fit easily onto super king beds whereas a double sheet is too small so it’s important to take this into consideration when making a purchase of bed linen, as well.
  6. Throw – This can be used in place of a coverlet or duvet and helps you add color and vibrancy to the bedroom instantly.
  7. Bed Cushions – Sofa cushions can look great on emperor beds but remember to leave enough room for people wanting to sit down!
  8. Topper – These are popular with many people because they help keep the beds clean, hygienic, and fresh. They also make the surface feel softer, more comfortable, and cozy.

Mattresses types

  • Memory Foam: Popular because they adapt to the contours of your body and help back and neck pain, this type comes with a price tag and has a longer break-in period than other types
  • Latex: This type looks and feels like memory foam without the high cost, but it doesn’t work as well for people suffering from back pain.
  • Spring: These are usually good quality, long-lasting beds types if you don’t mind sagging after prolonged use. They come at an affordable price and may be easier to move around than other types if needed
  • Pocket sprung: Helps provide support for your body while still giving you the much-needed flexibility during sleep
  • Hybrid: A combination of springs and memory foam is one example of a hybrid that will provide both comfort and support for your body. It’s a popular choice with many people, but it is more expensive than other beds types.
  • Waterbed: This type is usually reserved for those with back problems or those who enjoy a very soft sleeping surface as it’s often made from many different layers of foam. However, this type can be expensive and difficult to move around because of its weight
  • Canvas: This type is basically a portable bed that was designed to be used outdoors or in camping situations. It provides a firm sleeping surface but may not be the most comfortable choice
  • Airbeds: These are similar to waterbeds but without all the extra weight making them easier to transport if needed. They provide a flat surface which makes them suitable for a guest bedroom where there could be different types of sleepers using the same bed

Choosing the Correct Mattresses

There are various types of beds which you can choose from, each with many benefits and drawbacks. If you’re suffering from back pain it would be preferable to choose a firmer type with minimal padding in order to provide better support for your spine.

However, if you’re pregnant then you’ll need something softer to ease the discomfort of being uncomfortable during sleep. They are also made thicker these days so it’s just a case of choosing the right thickness that will suit your needs when lying down on it

If possible, try out different types when shopping by lying down on them for 5-10 minutes before deciding which one is best for you as comfort levels can vary from person to person.

It would be advisable to ask advice from those who have recently bought a mattress or those who work within a bed store as they should know what suits you best and why.

Also, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Bedroom Location: The quietest rooms are usually those which are away from traffic or noise, so try to choose somewhere where you will be getting a good quality night’s sleep every night.
  2. Price: This is ultimately the most important factor as it’ll determine what type of beds you can afford. If you’re on a very strict budget then it might be wise to go for something cheaper at first, then upgrade later when finances allow
  3. Construction Type: You should always remember that you get what you pay for in terms of construction and durability so if your looking for something long-lasting go for the highest quality option which may be more expensive but will last longer.
  4. Size: Always purchase beds bigger than you need as this will minimize wear and tear over time resulting in longer-lasting beds.
  5. Storage: If you’re using a divan then consider the amount of area underneath which is available for storage as this will determine how useful it’ll be in terms of keeping your room tidy when needed
  6. Comfort: Of course, the most important aspect that everyone should look at before deciding on any product, including beds. It’s advisable to go for something that provides comfort and support while laying down on it rather than one with an abundance of padding or excessive firmness which can make it difficult to get out of bed when required.
  7. Material: The type of material used in the construction varies greatly between different types so always remember to check out potential materials before making your decision.


Another thing to consider when purchasing beds is the manner in which it’s typically delivered. If you’re having an item shipped directly from the manufacturer then it may be more costly than local alternatives so consider finding out who produces the product before making your purchase decision.

There is a possibility for a customer, creating an account: email address, password, sign in and track order history check, and order and shipping status track order history.


Emperor beds are known for providing an extreme amount of comfort and luxury which is why they’re only available in the largest size options.

However, there are various types of beds that will help to provide a comfortable sleeping surface so it’s just a case of choosing the right one that suits your needs

By considering the points above, buying a new mattress should be much easier, meaning you can enjoy many years of good night’s sleep without any problems.

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