Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: Essential Pillow Reviews

A good side sleeper pillow should be able to provide support and comfort throughout the night. A quality pillow will help you avoid neck strain and leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

In this article, we will take a look at the best pillows for side sleepers and we’ll also review some helpful buying information.

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers 2021

1. Simba Hybrid Pillow

This pillow is filled with a luxurious combination of premium down and memory foam. The material provides comfort, pressure relief, and support all night long. Customers who have tried this pillow agree that it’s very comfortable and breathable.

It keeps you cool throughout the night. Additionally, the cotton cover is truly hypoallergenic which means that it won’t trigger allergies or aggravate asthma conditions.

You can easily customize the height by removing or adding filling as needed to give your head and neck the perfect rest every time you sleep on it.


  • The inner core of adjustable pillows allows you to change the height for your personal preference.
  • The outer cover is completely washable and easy to remove.
  • Because it’s filled with memory foam, it holds a shape that allows you to sleep on a flat surface every night, regardless of how much filling you’ve added or removed.
  • The cover is 100% cotton which means that it’s absolutely hypoallergenic.
  • It comes with a 10-year limited warranty so if anything goes wrong, the company will replace or repair your pillow completely for free.


  • Some customers have mentioned that they’ve experienced some of the memory foam shifting around inside of the case after extended use. However, this isn’t all that common and shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re frequently rearranging the fill to change or increase the height.

2. Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

This is the best memory foam pillow for side sleepers because it’s filled with a generous amount of memory foam. The material provides comfortable pressure relief and supports all night long. Customers who have tried this pillow agree that it is a soft and supportive pillow when you lay down.

You won’t feel like your head or neck are sinking into the bed while you’re sleeping which means that it’s also great for back and stomach sleepers too!

The bamboo cover helps regulate your body temperature so you don’t get excessively hot or cold at night, leaving you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning.


  • The inner core is customizable to give your head and neck proper support where they need it most.
  • In addition to being adjustable, the bamboo cover is also breathable so it won’t make your body overheat as you sleep.
  • The inner core is covered with a 3D mesh lining which helps to prevent it from shifting around and makes it easier for you to take the cover off and put it back on again.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty that covers any defects or damages that might happen during your ownership of the pillow.


  • The memory foam does have a tendency to retain heat throughout the night which can cause some customers to wake up feeling overheated and sweaty. And because this particular model doesn’t come with any sort of cooling gel or technology built-in, there’s really nothing you can do about this problem except for possibly adding cool sheets or taking the blanket off.

3. Snuggledown Goose Feather & Down White Pillow

This is the ultimate side sleeper pillow because it gives you the optimal amount of firmness and softness to make it comfortable as well as supportive.

The filling is a combination of down feathers that are incredibly soft, breathable, and good at regulating your body temperature.

In addition to being able to block out noise from both outside and inside the house, this pillow also has a machine washable cotton cover that zips right off. It comes with a 10-year warranty so you can be sure this pillow will last a long time without any issues arising within that time span.


  • The inner core adjusts easily to give your neck and head the support they need throughout the entire night.
  • The outer cover is completely removable and can be machine washed on a cold setting.
  • In addition to being made from cotton, the outer material is also hypoallergenic which makes it great for customers who have allergies or sensitive skin.
  • It’s filled with feathers and down which means that it will never go flat even after years of use.


  • Because this pillow is filled with soft materials like feathers and down, it might not be the best option for side sleepers who are worried about neck pain or joint issues because they’re more likely to sink into the material than other pillows would allow them to.

4. Silentnight Geltex Pillow

This pillow isn’t just good for side sleepers, it’s also great for back and stomach sleepers too. The special design allows you to get the support that your neck needs without having to wake up with any sort of stiff neck pain or migraines in the morning.

It works by filling the air pockets inside of the memory foam with cooling gel which helps keep your head nice and cool as you sleep throughout the night.

Because this is a gel-infused memory foam pillow, there’s no chance that the foam will shift around over time so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another one anytime soon.


  • Comes with a 15-year warranty so there are no risks involved when you buy this pillow
  • The memory foam is infused with a cooling gel that helps regulate the temperature of your body so you don’t overheat throughout the night
  • The inner core has an adjustable loft which makes it perfect for people who sleep on their side, back, or stomach.
  • This is a very high-quality pillow that’s been designed specifically with side sleepers in mind


  • The memory foam does have a strong chemical smell when you first take it out of the packaging but this odor will dissipate within a couple of days or so.
  • It’s also difficult to get the cover back on the inner core after you’ve taken it off. It can be done, but it can be quite difficult and frustrating as well.

5. BedStory 2Pack Pillow

This pillow is filled with Bamboo Infused Memory Foam which makes it soft enough for you to feel comfortable but also supportive enough to keep your spine in line.

It’s available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that will work best for your body and preferences.


  • The bamboo memory foam is very breathable and it doesn’t retain heat like some rubber or gel-infused pillows do, making it extremely comfortable no matter what season of the year it is outside
  • The cover material is both anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic which means that anyone who has allergies or asthma shouldn’t have any problems when they’re using this pillow every night
  • It’s also available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that will work best for your body
  • Pillow has a three-year warranty on it which means that if anything goes wrong within this time period, you’ll be able to get it replaced or fixed easily by contacting the company


  • It’s very firm so some people might not prefer using it every night. There isn’t any sort of giving in the memory foam at all so some side sleepers might feel too much strain on their necks when they’re sleeping.

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers

1. Type of material

Most pillows are either made with synthetic materials like latex, microbeads, or memory foam. These types of materials tend to be the most durable but they may not offer as much comfort as natural options do because they don’t have any give or flexibility to them at all.

Because side sleepers tend to need a bit more support for their necks and spines, it’s best if you choose pillows filled with memory foam or feathers because these materials will keep your neck in the right position while you sleep whereas other types might flatten out too easily and allow your spine to curve unnaturally.

2. Nickel content

Before you buy a pillow online, check for information about how much nickel the pillow is made with.

Nickel tends to be very uncomfortable for many side sleepers because it can cause some pain when you’re sleeping on your side. Because of this, it’s best if you choose a pillow that doesn’t contain nickel in any way at all.

Don’t forget to check for any sort of warranty information before you buy a pillow online or in stores.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Pillow for Side Sleepers

Another important factor to consider is the size of the pillow. Some pillows are standard sized so they’ll be fine for most people but others can be extra-large or double sized, making it a bit harder for you to find a pillowcase that will fit onto them properly.

If this is a problem, choose a pillow with a cover that’s completely removable so you can wash and change it easily.

  • The higher quality memory foam pillows usually have an adjustable loft which means that you can decide how high your neck should be when sleeping on your side. Even though these types of pillows tend to cost more than some synthetic varieties, they’re well worth the money because they offer great support for your spine all night long while also being super comfortable at the same time.
  • Adjustable pillow loft usually comes with a cover that’s removable so you can easily wash it whenever you need to.

You can also choose from two different types of sleepers: those who like their head and neck straight up and those who prefer to sleep at an incline. This means that pillows that give you the option for either of these types of sleeping positions should be chosen.

It’s not recommended for anyone to be sleeping completely flat because this position puts too much strain on your spine as well as your shoulders, which can lead to pain or discomfort when you wake up in the morning.

What Pillow Materials Are Best for Side Sleepers?

Memory foam:

Memory foam is ideal because it’s very soft and will contour to your body at night, making it perfect for those who tend to move around a lot while they’re sleeping.

Because memory foam can be quite expensive, some manufacturers will try to sell you on the idea of the adjustable loft as well as the ability to adjust the height manually as well so that you can find a position that works best for your spine at night.

Shredded memory foam has become very popular over the last few years because it can be molded into whatever shape or form you need so it’s great for those who want to adjust their pillow by themselves. However, shredded memory foam pillows are usually quite expensive as well.


Feather pillows are also great options for those who want something flexible and soft, which is better than having an inflexible pillow that causes too much strain on your neck and back.

However, if you need extra support during the night then this type of pillow might not be ideal because it can flatten out too much and cause your spine to curve in a way that’s not good at all.


Down pillows are best for side sleepers who want something soft but still need extra support for their neck and back.

However, if the pillow isn’t made out of higher quality material, you may end up experiencing pain when you wake up in the morning.

Fiber-filled pillows:

Fiber-filled pillows are perfect for those who need something to help them stay in place while they’re sleeping without being too firm or stiff

Feather/downmix pillows:

Feather/downmix pillows give you the best of both worlds: You get all of the benefits from down while also receiving some added stability from the feather side.

Latex pillow:

Latex pillows are very supportive and can give you great neck and back support while also contouring your body, making them perfect for side sleepers.

They’re usually bouncy and will adjust to your movements as soon as you change positions during the night, which makes it one of the best pillow types out there.

Down alternative:

Down alternative pillows work in much the same way as down but they don’t contain any feathers at all.


Microbead pillows are firm and stiff, which means that they offer more stability than memory foam or latex options.

This is suitable if you like sleeping on a hard surface but may feel too stiff for those who prefer softer pillows.

What Size Pillows Are Available?

  • Standard size pillows can be purchased in sizes that range from 18 by 26 inches to 20 by 28 inches, depending on the thickness of the pillow and how big you need it to be
  • Queen-size pillows are available in dimensions that go from about 20 by 30 inches (thick) to about 22 or 24 by 34 inches (thin), although thicker queen size pillowcases can hold two standard sized ones inside if necessary
  • King size pillows come in even bigger sizes: They range from about 22 or 24 by 36 inches (thick) all the way up to 26 or 28 by 42 or 44 inches (something very thick and large). King-sized pillowcases will accommodate two standard pillows inside them if necessary.

Other Tips for Side Sleepers

Having a pillow with the perfect amount of firmness and softness is key, but you also need to make sure that it has enough support for your head and neck. Just like everyone else, side sleepers need their pillows to provide their necks with some natural curvature so that they don’t have any pain when they wake up in the morning.

  1. Using a silk or satin pillowcase will help keep your face from getting too hot during the night because it won’t absorb any perspiration. Cotton pillowcases are great alternatives as well but some people have problems with them retaining sweat through the night, which can lead to some discomfort when you wake up in the morning.
  2. A lot of people who sleep on their sides like to use special pillows that are meant specifically for side sleepers. However, you can also make changes to your current pillow so that it has the perfect amount of loft and support for you.
  3. Stomach sleepers should avoid placing a thick pillow under their heads because this will cause them to stick out their necks at awkward angles (which can cause some serious problems). Side sleepers need firm but soft pillows underneath their heads, while back sleepers need something more thin and flat.
  4. If you’re currently using feather or down pillows then consider upgrading to ones that are made of higher quality materials. Feathers and goose down might be comfortable at first but they’ll flatten out after just a few months – filling your pillow with the better quality filling will prevent this and help ensure that you get the most support out of your pillow

Constantly include an ergonomic pillow when you’re sleeping on your side. These pillows are specially designed to keep your head and neck at a comfortable angle, which can make it much more comfortable for you to sleep. This is very helpful if you like sleeping on your side but need some extra support.

What pillow loft works best for side sleepers?

A loft is the thickness of the pillow. The loft is very important for side sleepers because it can affect neck alignment and head position during sleep. A higher lofted pillow, which has a larger circumference, will keep your head propped up at an angle. This corrects the natural curvature of your neck while you are sleeping on your side.

For example, when you are laying down in bed on your side, you normally have a slight curve in the back of your neck that causes strain if not supported correctly because it’s bent unnaturally backward.

The pillow needs to be thick enough so that it brings your head forward slightly so that there is no stress put on your upper spine region by naturally straightening out the curvature in the back of your neck.

What are the benefits of using king-size pillows for side sleepers?

Some people like to use multiple pillows because it can make them more comfortable. The average person has trouble finding the perfect pillow, so they might change it every few months or opt to buy multiple pillows at once (this is how many people end up with 4 or 5 different types of pillows in their bedroom).

If you’re someone who loves trying different pillows out then you could consider buying a king-size pillow that contains two standard-sized ones.

This way you will always have an extra pillow whenever you need one – problem solved! It’s also great if you travel frequently and would like to take your own bed with you on the road, or if you have a partner that needs their own pillow as well.

What pillow type is best for side sleepers with neck pain?

When your neck is in pain it’s important to find a pillow that will keep you comfortable. Side sleepers with neck problems need something firm but soft so that their necks are properly aligned while they’re sleeping.

A memory foam pillow might be just what you need because it can contour to the shape of your neck for better support.

  • A latex or down alternative pillow could also work well for side sleepers who deal with chronic neck pain because they’re shaped similarly to foam pillows but don’t retain as much heat. This means that they won’t get too hot during the night and will be a lot more breathable.
  • Cervical pillows are a great choice if you have neck issues because they provide both neck alignment and support for the head. These pillows have a firm outer shell that can be used to hold your neck in place while you sleep, but also have a soft fill so they are comfortable to use.

However, cervical pillows aren’t meant for everyone because some people’s necks are too sensitive to deal with the firmer outer layer.

How firm should a pillow be for a side sleeper?

Side sleepers need extra support for their neck and spine, so opting for a very firm pillow is usually the best choice. There are many different types of pillows that can provide this, but if you choose something like memory foam then it’s important to pick one that’s dense enough so your head doesn’t sink through it.

Sleeping on your stomach with a really firm pillow can be uncomfortable as well because there won’t be any giving and it could lead to pain and stiffness in your neck and back during the day.

For side sleepers with chronic neck pain, a medium-firm or even soft pillow might be better since extra firmness could put too much pressure on already sore muscles.

Regardless of which kind of firmness you prefer, make sure to purchase a new pillow that isn’t flat or lumpy. This will result in even more discomfort and can cause some problems for people with allergies. Two of the most popular options are down alternative pillows and memory foam pillows, but any type of comfortable material should do just fine.

Final Thoughts

Side sleepers need something thick enough so their head is propped up at an angle, but soft enough so it doesn’t put too much pressure on their necks during the night.

A king-size pillow filled with two standard ones might be what you need if you have trouble finding your perfect fit, otherwise opting for a firm but soft would be ideal as well since it tends to be the most comfortable for side sleepers with neck problems.

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